Venice Solutions Services

We market products as high-social-impact necessities


Elevate your brand with a new website, and appealing social media accounts to increase in-bounds.


Redefine your mission and vision statements and have a unique logo to increase customer attention.


Communicate a trustworthy and strong brand with your business cards, pens, and shirts to potential customers.


Selected pieces of our previous work.
  • Website Concept, Design, Development
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Content and Strategy
  • Market Research Studies
  • User Interface / User Experience
  • Photography and Videography
  • Newsletters and Blog Posts
  • Merchandise, Business Cards
  • And more

We incorporate three values in every decision we make.

Our company culture consists of intent, story, and design. Our mission is to create marketing deliverables that are inclusive with a high social impact. Our vision is to shape culture through design and thought. First, we research the intent of our clients business.

Second, we brainstorm ways to communicate a feeling to the end customer through a story. Next, we combine the intent and story with a design which speaks to our clients’ target audience. Lastly, we determine when, where, and how we communicate our intent, story, and design of a campaign.


Focusing on our clients background and the intent of a marketing deliverable we build a strong framework to communicate a clear story and design.


A clear story and message are crucial to be remembered by potential customers.


Ultimately, we create culture with design, which shapes values, which subsequently constitutes the future.


Our Clients Love Working With Us

"Passionate and successful"

"Venice Solutions works fast, reliable and with passion which leads to success. They quickly understood the industry of AI and workflow optimization and we had a significant inbound increase because of our rebranded website, logo, and social media strategy."

– Tim M., Managing Director, LogiMove CheckMobile Global

"Friendly and fast-paced"

"In addition to executing my vision, Venice Solutions also provided me with valuable feedback, insights, and ideas. They are well-organized and understood my business quickly, which lead to a fresh and unique design."

– Chris B., CEO, Mulligan Valley Partners

"Creative and responsive"

"I worked with Max and he helped me with a revamp of Margalla Communications' web site, overall, it was a pleasure working with him, I was impressed with his creativity, responsiveness and overall "can-do" attitude, highly recommend!"

– Saqib J., Principal Consultant & Founder, Margalla Communications

Case Studies and Success Stories

We are more than happy to provide you with detailed case studies, success stories if you would like to learn more about out previous work. Just submit your email below and we will reach out to you shortly.

    About Us

    Talent Meets Creativity

    Driven by creativity. We embody a design-thinking-mindset and ability to communicate visions clearly and effectively with our clients.

    Dedicated to results. We closely monitor empirical data and ensure our design approaches to be state-of-the-art with current research findings.

    Passionate by design. Our designs work theoretically and practically. We guarantee a cohesive story and design in our deliverables.

    Courage to disrupt markets. As members of the trendsetting regions of the world, our team has the courage and necessary insights to disrupt industries and create new design trends.

    Aware of environments. As professional marketers, psychologists, philosophers, economists, and self-made entrepreneurs our team shares diverse viewpoints, which we incorporate to create social inclusive and diverse deliverables.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our clients love to work with us and constantly recommend us to their friends and partners. We understand that you might consider other creative agencies, however, from our success with previous clients we are certain that we can provide you with guidance in your needs. Set up a free 30-minute consulting call today and learn more about how we can elevate your brand.

    Talent & Leadership

    As design-thinkers, go-getters, and creative allrounder, we practice creative leadership in projects while reckoning your vision.

    Impact & Results

    We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept should be supported with measurable results.

    Design & Story

    We provide you with the technical skills and design thinking mindset to create meaningful designs for your customers.


    Contact us via phone, text, or email If you are interested in learning more about our company culture and services.

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