Venice Solutions Areas of Expertise

We market products as high-social-impact necessities.

Digital Marketing Services

  • Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) Implementation, Analysis, Reports, and Maintenance
  • Website Development and Maintenance (E-Commerce & Donation Website Deployment)
  • Social Media Content Creation, Reports and Analysis
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Newsletter Campaigns

Paid Advertisement Campaigns

  • Coherent Monthly Reports
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Google Ads & LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok Ads and Paid Influencer
  • Social Media Channel Set-Up and Optimization
  • Google MyBusiness Card Set-Up, Optimization, and Maintenance

Branding, Design, and Strategy

  • Brand Identity and Strategy
  • Corporate Messaging and Brand Positioning
  • Market Research
  • Logo Creation / Graphic Design
  • Single-Use Websites
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Mobile-First User Interfaces
  • Promotional Materials

Offline Marketing & Miscellaneous

  • Public Relations
  • Offline Advertisements
  • Photo and Video Production
  • Business Cards
  • Merchandise and Apparel
  • Creative Consulting, Storytelling, and Brand Development

Global Relationships and Trust in our Marketing Services.

Past clients range from high-tech software companies to lifestyle brands, small-businesses, healthcare professionals, marketing agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Portfolio & Success Stories

Talent & Leadership

As design-thinkers, go-getters, and creative allrounders, we practice creative leadership in our projects and campaigns while realizing your vision.

Impact & Results

We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept has to be supported with measurable results.

Design & Story

Our team provides you with the technical skills and design-thinking mindset to create meaningful user experiences for your customers.

New Customers

Website and social media traffic is for many businesses the top sources for new customers. 91% of people visit a store because of a past online experience.

Retain Customers

Provide value to your customers regardless of where they are located and boost loyalty by showing commitment to your community and target audience.

Increase Profits

Streamline your business by making use of efficient digital marketing tools and analysis to consistently improve your customer base and business.

We incorporate three values in every decision we make.

Our company culture consists of intent, story, and design. Our mission is to create marketing deliverables that are inclusive with a high social impact. Our vision is to shape culture through design and thought. First, we research the intent of our clients business.

Second, we brainstorm ways to communicate a feeling to the end customer through a story. Next, we combine the intent and story with a design which speaks to our clients’ target audience. Lastly, we determine when, where, and how we communicate our intent, story, and design of a campaign.


Focusing on our clients background and the intent of a marketing deliverable we build a strong framework to communicate a clear story and design.


A clear story and message are crucial to be remembered by potential customers.


Ultimately, we create culture with design, which shapes values, which subsequently constitutes the future.

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Resource Center

We offer responsible paid advertisement campaigns coupled with social media content creation and website maintenance for consistent business growth starting with packages tailored for small-businesses with monthly budgets of $1,000.

    Case Studies

    Simple, Clear, and Measurable Success Stories


    Elevate your brand with an engaging website, appealing social media channels, and optimized SEO to increase in-bounds.


    Characterize and illustrate your company values, mission, and vision statement to increase customer attention and retention.


    Communicate a trustworthy and strong brand with your promotional materials to existing and potential customers.

    International AI Software Company Rebrand

    LogiMove CheckMobile Global (LCG) is an international technology company founded in 2008 and has since been growing to become a market leader in industrial workflow optimization for low-code-no-code mobile apps on iOS and Android. Venice Solutions designed and developed LCG’s website, social media presences, and prepares monthly SEO reports, improvements, and suggestions.

    Read the full Success Story

    Global Non-Profit Social Media Content Creation

    Since March 2020 Venice Solutions has developed weekly posts and engagements for the German American Business Association SoCal (GABA SoCal) social media channels. Two months after implementation, GABA experienced an increased post reach of +384% to a total of 2,447 People reached, increased post engagements to 773, and had 9 new page likes on Facebook in just one week. Venice Solutions is a proud Corporate Member of the GABA network that reaches more than 5,000 business professionals per month located in California and Germany.

    How We've Helped GABA SoCal

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      About Us

      Talent Meets Creativity

      Driven by creativity and data. We embody a design-thinking mindset with the ability to communicate visions and statistics clearly and effectively with our clients.

      Dedicated to communication, results, and learning. We closely monitor empirical data and ensure our project approaches are state-of-the-art and aligned with current research findings.

      Passionate by design. Our designs work theoretically and practically. We promise a cohesive story, user experience, and design in our deliverables.

      Courage to disrupt markets. Living in trendsetting regions of the world our team has the courage and necessary insights to disrupt industries to create memorable and fresh marketing deliverables.

      Aware of environments. As professional marketers, economists, philosophers, graphic designers, project managers, and self-made entrepreneurs our team incorporates diverse viewpoints for socially inclusive and diverse campaigns.


      Our clients love to work with us and constantly recommend us to their friends and partners. We understand that you might consider other creative agencies, however, from our success with previous clients we are certain that we can provide you with guidance in your needs. Set up a free 15-minute consulting call today and learn more about how we can elevate your brand.

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